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About Michal Negrin

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Let us take you on a journey into Michal Negrin’s world of romance, beauty and color.
For more than two decades, Michal Negrin has been creating exclusive, unique and romantic items,offering vintage-inspired original hand-crafted jewelry, fashion and home décor, that were made successful world wide. These once in a lifetime designs became an inspiration for thousands and thousands of women all over the world, involving them and assisting them in giving them the positive aspects of the feeling of being a woman. It is a great joy to find that her work speaks to many and have an impact on the way women feel andwhat they reflect: Romance, femininity, love and style.




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• GLS – inside European Union (approximately 10-15 €)
• FedEx – outside European Union (depends on the quantity of the order, more details:

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Frequently asked questions

What material are the jewelries made of?
The jewelries are made of a special copper combination which has a benefical effect on our

Do the products cause an allergic reaction?
All the products are 100% nickel free.

Do the jewelry change color?
Basically not, but they do not like water and moisture, which can cause discoloration on
them, but it can be restored by a clean piece of cotton. This material also behaves just like
silver, needs to be maintained from time to time.

Do we have guarantee on the Swarovski crystals?
Yes, we provide a lifetime long guarantee on the crystals.

What is the material composition of the clothes?
Our clothes are made of breathable elastane, lycra and chiffon, and for many garments this
composition is complemented by lace.

What guarantees that the products will not be damaged during the delivery?
We pack our products with care to make sure that they reach their prospective owner as
safely as possible during the transport. We put them in a Michal Negrin box and then a wellsealed
blister pack.

Where the produts come from?
The products come from Tel Aviv, Israel, a manufactory of Michal Negrin. Our products are
100% handmade and humanous.

How do I know that I purchased an original product?
Each product is signed by Michal Negrin and the inscription is engraved on the jewelry.


Size guide
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